1. Look better than other listings in the street

There is no doubt a better presented property attracts more buyers. Don’t miss out on your property standing out at sale time. Consider a property review to see what great features you can unlock in your home to give home buyers that positive first impression.

Why run the risk of underselling your home when for a simple investment in your sale price you make simple changes that have big impacts? If your home is not presented well, yet the house up the road is, which will be likely to sell quicker and for more? Presenting a home is not expensive, it just makes good sense.

2. Sell your property faster and for more

A property that is move in ready attracts less negative feedback from buyers. Presenting your property for sale is vital to ensure that all the positives in your home are showcased and the negatives are dealt with leaving buyers little to negotiate price over.

3. Better presented properties look better online, video and print

Why settle for photos, video and ads that don’t represent the way the property could be lived in. The buyer will have a different perspective on your property and how it will suit their needs, and independent property review will help determine what to look for and where to start, reducing the pressure on you at sale time. Buyers want aspirational living, so ensure your property creates an emotional connection for the buyer.

4. You’ll find your property on the buyer’s ‘must see’ list

People are time poor and will only attend an open home or arrange a private inspection if the property meets certain criteria. The better presented your property, the better it will appear in advertising and the more interest it will generate.

As a picture says 1000 words, you need to make sure those words are all good, not negative, so that the buyer puts your property high on their must see list.

5. 90% of buyers cannot see past the clutter

It’s a scary figure, but imagine you have 10 parties through your open home, on the statistic above only one party can see past your collections and your possessions gathered over your life time. Imagine the difference it would make if all parties inspecting your home could see themselves living in your home? That’s emotional connection and that’s what sells houses.

6. Present your property before listing, not when the property is not selling

The longer your home sits on the market, the lower the selling price will be. People are wary of homes that sit on the market too long so doing everything you can to sell the property makes sense. If your property is listed and has not sold in two months yet you’ve had plenty of people through, you’ve lost the opportunity to “wow” these buyers. Presenting your home from the start means all buyers get to see your property in the best state it can be.

7. The ‘cost’ of having your home presented is recovered in the sale

Most clients find that the small cost they put into correcting issues or reviewing elements in the home is covered by the quicker selling time or better price achieved. Even if presenting your property saves you a price reduction the investment has been worth it. Most homes need bits and pieces completed to get them sale ready and Shift by Design helps determine the priorities to complete and finish.

8. Most property sellers cannot see their home objectively

What are the things that put buyers off? Shift by Design know. Our job is to work through your home with you to determine what opportunities exist to enhance the visual space in your home. We are not going to tell you that the way you live is wrong, but now you have made the decision to sell your house, you have to think about how others see it.

9. Right agent, realistic price, great presentation – the way to selling a house

There are three key factors to selling a house; the right agent, the right price and the right presentation. With these three elements ticked off the list you are well and truly on the way to a successful sale. Shift by Design are passionate about our part in this process, presenting property is our business but seeing happy clients who have sold their homes is our passion.

10. Take away the unnecessary stress at sale time

Selling a home is a stressful process so having someone to talk to about how to make your home looks it’s best can help. You might know of a few things that need to be done, you might want to discuss ideas to determine whether it is worth investing in certain things or you might just want someone to confirm your thoughts on what to address first. At Shift by Design we are all these things and many more. We can help you determine a strategy for getting your home sale ready.