Are you planning an event such as a corporate function or a family reunion at your venue and wonder what marquee hire Adelaide rates will be for the day? Marquee hire is a common form of event promotion in Australia, where a company rents a marquee on the day(s) or weeks before the event for a pre-arranged set fee. These venues typically provide marquees for sporting events like racing, cricket, tennis and motor racing but can also be hired for more general functions or any size events.

marquee hire Adelaide ratesMost of the time, marquee hire will come with a set fixed price, based on the size of the event and the duration of the event (i.e. the duration of the working hours for the company). If you have a particularly popular brand, you may find that renting a marquee can go up substantially. It is because the company will usually want to reserve as much space as possible to ensure their name is well known during the event. If a marquee hire company is booked solid for a particular event, they may not reduce their rates.

You can also opt for temporary marquee hire. These are normally quite easy to arrange and only require a small amount of funds to rent. A temporary marquee is ideal for a corporate function where people are not all present at once—for example, a wedding reception. Temporary marquees can also be hired as a means of advertising a garage sale or charity event. Generally, marquee hire Adelaide rates will differ by the event in question.

Event planners will always advise you to contact different companies and get an idea of the costs of renting out a marquee before organising your event. Of course, you should be aware of the venue, but you should also ensure that you have covered all necessary expenses before your event. The event planner or your event manager can help with arranging this. It may also be a good idea to get some feedback on how the company has been when it comes to organising similar events.

Many of the major event companies will have their own website to get all the information you need. These are very popular in the business world and are well worth doing. With the ever-increasing popularity of weddings and corporate functions, everyone must have a marquee that they can use. The marquee hire Adelaide rates are quite competitive, and there are plenty of companies available to rent them from. Most offer rental at a rate that is below the cost of building one from scratch. You may even find that you can save some money on building one and paying lower rates for marquee hire.