It’s frustrating when you are selling your lived in house that you cannot (without great expense) add some final touches to your home to complete the overall look and feel of your home.

Shift by Design understand that these things can add up when you are preparing your home for sale. So what if you didn’t have to buy these items, but instead were able to rent them for the duration of your time on the market?

Shift by Design have a comprehensive range of items that can be matched to suit your decor by one of our stylists. Simply call and arrange a time for a stylist to visit your property and talk about what items would suit your home.

Our range of items for rent include:

    • Floor rugs
    • Vases
    • Stems and plants
    • Artwork
    • Home wares

So if you need the right items to fill the gap at your property, call Shift by Design and find how our range of inventory can help your property shine (we don’t rent bathroom linen or bed linen to lived in property due to health reasons).

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