Womens shoes have always been a part of the picture when it comes to fashion and style. The variety and range of women’s shoes have risen in recent years, with more manufacturers creating new styles and designs. Womens shoes can be worn for any occasion, from the workplace to an evening out, and many brands have a wide choice of shoes to suit all occasions. Here we look at some of the most popular types of women’s shoes and what to do with them. Check out ohhi.com.au for the best deals.

womens shoesThese are perhaps one of the most versatile types of shoes you can get, meaning you can wear them for work or play. They can be worn across the entire foot or just on the tip of each toe for a professional look. Shoes too tall can make your legs look shorter, and too short shoes can elongate your legs. Toe shoes are great for work, as they offer protection to the toes and will also provide a polished finish.

These are great for work but can also be worn throughout the day for casual occasions. They look great when paired with jeans or trousers and can be dressed up or down to create a different look every day. Women’s shoes that are too large can be cumbersome, whereas shoes that are too small can result in stiffness or discomfort throughout the day. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a plain style or a more feminine or embellished style. Opinions about which type of shoes are best often depend on personal taste, but it is often helpful to try on a range of shoes before buying. Check out ohhi.com.au for the best deals.

These are generally considered one of the most classic pairs of shoes that you can get, offering an excellent alternative to shoes worn just for comfort. They look good with skirts, dresses and can even be worn with bare legs for a flattering look. Shoes that are too large can be cumbersome, while too-small shoes can feel stiff and constrictive. Women’s shoes worn throughout the day can be worn to work, for informal affairs at school or even while out and about.

Sandals offer an alternative to shoes worn just for comfort, providing an alternative style that is easy to slip on and off of your feet. These are ideal for wearing around the house, going to the local park or school, and anywhere you may need to have shoes that will quickly slip onto your feet. When purchasing sandals, make sure that you opt for ones that fit your feet well so that your feet don’t hurt after a few minutes.

Sandals are a favourite among many women and are one of the most popular women’s shoes. They offer a range of advantages, as they are stylish, comfortable, durable and provide an excellent alternative to shoes worn just for comfort. They can be worn during the summer months when your feet tend to become hot and uncomfortable, and in the winter, it is cold and wet outside. A pair of sandals can be paired up with anything from shorts to skirts and even dresses. The right pair of sandals can bring out the sexiness in even the blandest of outfits and can add that extra bit of glamour to your look. Check out ohhi.com.au for the best deals.