The first of the jewellery cleaning tips concerns rinsing and soaking. It is important to make sure that all of the cleaning solutions are fully rinsed off of your jewellery before you proceed to soak it. The best way to do this is to use a hose or a wet vacuum, press hard against the jewellery, and move the hose in a circular motion. Do not rinse the jewellery with the water remaining in the hose, or the water may weigh down the jewellery. If you must rinse, try to use a cleaner that is designed specifically for jewellery. Once the jewellery has been thoroughly cleaned, you can then wrap it in a clean plastic bag and store it for use later on. For other tips, visit SaintGarde – Misuzi.

SaintGarde - MisuziOne of the jewellery cleaning tips that most people never practice is drying the precious metals down completely. People often wait until they have the metal damaged enough to where they can not wear it, and then they decide to dry it. This is never a good idea because you are causing damage to the precious metal. Drying it down to the point of even cracking the metal will cause severe damage over time.

Another one of the jewellery cleaning tips that most people do not consider is brushing your teeth. At the same time, this seems like a simple thing to do; brushing the teeth is extremely important and should be done daily. Often, people will take their jewellery off and then brush their teeth before putting it back on. This causes the enamel on the jewellery to chip and the shine to disappear. For other tips, visit SaintGarde – Misuzi.

When it comes to cleaning pearls and other jewellery, it is important to remember that dry skin is the worst thing to do to a precious stone. While you can brush your pearls with a toothbrush or a damp cloth, you should never use anything with a lot of oil as this will dull the finish of the jewellery. Instead, you should use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab to clean the pearls. Also, never use water to clean pearls as this could cause the pearls to break apart.

Some people believe that polishing precious jewellery is a bad idea. They believe that using a dry polishing cloth is better at preventing tarnish from appearing on the jewellery, but this is untrue. One of the best ways to prevent tarnish from appearing on your beautiful jewellery is to store it in a container that has some water in it, such as a small bottle of water or a bowl of water. Water helps keep your precious jewellery from getting tarnished in the first place, and it also helps to keep it shiny. For other tips, visit SaintGarde – Misuzi.