As someone who is living in 2020, you’re fortunate to be in a time when we have multiple varieties of air conditioners available in the market. Each model of air condition serves the same purpose; however, what separates them from each other is their manner in delivering their use. In general, an air conditioning unit provides cool air inside your home to give your comfort. If you’re currently looking for the best type of air conditioner that can provide multiple advantages to go along with high-performance cooling, you should try the Mannix ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Currently available on our official website, buy one now and get a 15% discount on your first purchase. If you want more reason to choose our ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, here are four notable perks and features that it provides.


Efficient Energy Usage

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners collect warm air from the outside. It goes through a series of refrigerants, which are responsible for filtering the heat via a coil system. Looking at this cooling process, it’s pretty apparent that this type of air conditioner recycles heat. Because of that, it becomes more energy-efficient the longer you use it. Studies about this process state that reverse cycle air conditioners help save as much as 25% of your monthly electric bills. No other type of air conditioner can provide that amount of savings.


A Quiet Air Conditioner

The Mannix ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is different from other standard air conditioners. It doesn’t pose a problem for your space. Also, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner can be hidden in walls and ceilings. That means it’s less of a hassle when it comes to interior designing. At the same time, it also operates quietly. That way, it won’t disturb you while you’re sleeping, studying, watching television, and more.


Warm or Cold? It Has Both!

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are usually centralized air conditioning units that can be used for the entire home. It can eliminate drafts and other notably warm areas within your home. It can also cool down multiple rooms that tend to heat up due to a lack of ventilation or direct exposure to sunlight. You can also adjust the temperature level of your Mannix ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit. Since it’s a reverse cycle, you can either set it to provide either cool or warm air. Most of all, it will give the right temperature according to the way you want it.