So you want to know how to choose an NDIS plan manager. You know that your company needs an experienced, knowledgeable person to help it manage its programs and ensure that the money spent is going where it’s supposed to go. But how do you pick the right one? The three ways that your plan could be managed are: Managed by an NDIS certified plan specialist – like MyIntegra. SELF-Managed by an independent consultant – like Neuro Enterprises, Inc.


If you decide to manage your plan, you will pay your way. The good news is that many agencies are starting to offer this kind of service. Typically, you will go through a trained professional with experience in the field who will sit down with you and discuss your objectives, your company’s needs, your budget and other issues related to choosing an NDIS plan manager. The consultant will then develop a personalised NDIS management plan for you. The downside, though, is that you’ll still have to pay your way – and that could be more than you’d prefer.


This is the traditional way, how to choose an NDIS plan manager. With an NDSP-managed plan, you simply pay an agency to handle all of your paperwork, from submitting your application to the paying invoices. The advantage is that you’ll typically save money because you won’t have to pay for your training. The downside, though, is that you’ll have to deal with highly organised paperwork, and you may miss some of the important deadlines for your applications.

Funded Statically

Some agencies offer managed consulting services for those who pay for their NDIS work through the NDIS. These consultants are paid by the agency and have the job of managing the plans themselves. This option is considered the most time-consuming way to manage your NDIS projects, as it can take quite a while to come up with all the documents and come up with accurate cost figures. However, if you want the best results possible, this might be the best way to go.

Choose Your Local Area Coordinator

Once you’ve chosen the plan type, you need to choose the NDIS plan manager based on the area they are located in. This person is often called a regional support coordinator, project manager or local area coordinator. There are many advantages to using a local support coordinator, including being directly accessible to your clients and having access to different tools and documentation. The drawback, however, is that your clients may not have someone who can manage their projects in their region.


What kind of assistance can I get?

Once you’ve selected your provider and chosen your local area, it is important to get your needs met. Many plan managers offer technical support, but they can also offer more in the way of counselling. Some managers are specially trained to work with small and medium businesses, while others can manage projects for various types of companies. Depending on your needs, these NDIS plan managers can help you manage your NDIS projects in the best way possible. This can make the entire process easier to manage and more cost-effective, ultimately helping you get the results you are looking for.