When buying men’s casual shoes, make sure that you have a general idea about the type of shoes you would like to purchase. Men’s casual shoes can be categorized into five different types: dressy, sports, athletic, casual and work. Dressy shoes are suitable for everyday use, while sports shoes and athletic shoes are ideal for special occasions or off-season.

mens casual shoesThe dressiest mens casual shoes are the bluchers and boots. Bluchers are shoes with a high heel, very small and tight and have a tapered sole. The bluchers usually have open toes and therefore are perfect for sportswear. Dress sneakers are shoes that have no insoles but are made of rubber. Finally, athletic shoes look like regular sneakers but are specially designed for sports like tennis, basketball, running and golf.

A trendy sports shoe is the monk strap. Monk straps or boatnecks are also known as slip-on shoes. They have ribbed heels and come in either white or black. This kind of men’s shoe is ideal for summer because it keeps your feet cool. In addition, it can be worn with all kinds of casual outfits because the pants can be rolled up and the shirt tucked in. However, the best thing about the monk strap is that they are not too flashy and go well with almost anything.

The other three casual shoes at olympusshoes.com.au are sports sneakers, casual sandals and casual loafers. Sports sneakers are generally made of synthetic leather. Sports shoes are specially designed to be used in sports like running, walking, basketball etc. Most of the time, these sports sneakers are made in only one colour; however, some designers have come up with different colour combinations so that people can choose from various shades.

Casual sandals are very much similar to sneakers in many ways. Sandals can be paired with casual jeans or khakis. They are usually made of rubber or plastic with cute printed designs. These shoes are a bit wider than sneakers and are great if you want to wear something conservative. Apart from being casual, sandals are also great for parties and various social functions.

Loafers at olympusshoes.com.au are considered the most casual shoes because they can be paired with any dress. For example, you can wear loafers with formal pants, skirts and shirts. There are many different types of men’s loafers available in the market today. Some loafers have purses attached to the laces, while some loafers are without the handbags and are more like dress shoes.