One of the things that goes by quickly once a home is styled for sale is time – and time costs money.

Shift by Design maximise our client’s furniture rental time by providing all property styling clients and their agents hi-res, wide angle and macro shots of the project so that the home can get online faster and start working sooner. This means that the day of the installation, we’ll shoot and process a range of shots to get the property online and maximise your rental period.

A styled home always looks great, and our aim is to show potential buyers how light and bright a room can look while at the same time creating traffic zones, definition and an increased sense of space in the room. We photograph the moment we have finished styling the property and capture it then and there, so buyers looking at the home online or marketing material see it the same way even before they step foot in the property.

We’ll present buyers with magazine style images showing great rooms and intimate close ups detailing the great elements in the home.

Best of all, as we take and use these shots for our own marketing, we want to share them with you at no charge. It’s our way of showing how committed we are to our clients in ensuring they get the most out of our rental terms and increase the chances of gaining loads of enquiries in turn selling the home quicker and for more.

All the photos you see on our website have been taken for our clients to use, so feel free to explore our portfolio section to check out our recent projects and photos.