The Word of God Christian podcast is a great way to preach the Bible regularly. This audio series was created by Pastor Paul Carter and covered one chapter of the Bible every other day. Some episodes are longer, while others are shorter. The duration of an episode is generally 12 to 21 minutes. The host provides helpful, humorous insights along with biblical knowledge. This audio program is a great choice for Christians searching for inspiration.


The first 15 is a daily devotional podcast hosted by Craig Denison. Each episode includes a Bible passage, a reflection on everyday life, a song of worship, and a call to action. The purpose of the podcast is to encourage listeners to seek God and build a closer relationship with Him. The hosts are passionate about the message of the Bible and aim to do so humorously and engagingly.


The Word of God Christian podcast is a great option for listening to the Bible while on the go. You can listen to the show while travelling, taking a train, or riding the bus. Many podcasts feature stories of other believers glorifying God and sharing their experiences with others. The Bible Never Said That debunks common secular misconceptions about the Bible, helping Christians explain it so that non-Christians can understand.


You can listen to the Word of God Christian podcast wherever you go. This is an excellent way to learn the Bible and stay connected with God. You can listen to the podcast wherever you go, from the beach to the office. These audios are a great addition to your daily life and are a good source of encouragement. These podcasts are great for your daily devotional needs. You will find something to help you grow closer to God.


If you have a passion for Christian music, you will find many podcasts featuring this artist. These podcasts offer Christian music as well as audio Bibles. The Christian podcasts are also available in different languages. These audios can be listened to anywhere you want. Whether driving on the highway or in the city, it’s a great way to learn about God’s Word. They are an excellent resource for Christians and those seeking spiritual guidance.


You can listen to the podcast when you need a break during your commute. You can listen to it at the office or home, wherever you are. If you’re travelling, you can listen to the podcast while you’re in the car. It can be a great way to keep up with your Bible studies. They can even help you understand a difficult passage in the Bible. When you’re travelling, you can also listen to a Christian podcast that explores the word of God and what it means to live a life according to the Word of God.