Shift by Design’s home styling package is designed to be affordable and give you additional selling power when listing your home for sale, giving you the best chance of selling your home faster and for more.

Our packages offer a wide selection of services to tailor your property size, your time and more importantly, your budget.

Shift by Design’s home styling consultation package includes:

  • an on site review the property (1 hour to 2 hours depending on package).
  • tips for staging your open home successfully.
  • creative and money saving ideas to help you stage your home within your chosen budget.
  • recommendations for re-arranging existing furniture and accessories.
  • de-cluttering advice.
  • identification of repair opportunities.
  • determining priorities list on how to transform your home or property.
  • recommodations for replacement fittings and accessories in the home

Priced from as low as $145.00, a home styling property review can be an investment in the sale of your homel. Why risk a price reduction or buyer’s negotiating selling price on the fact that an odd tile needs replacing or the cornice is loose??

Most importantly, spending a few hundred dollars in home staging could earn you a significant profit into the thousands of dollars for your effort when selling your home, a worthwhile investment in the selling potential of your home.

Our home styling packages include:


Perfect for a lunchtime styling consultation or for those short on time In this one hour package we will review of the core rooms of your property and prioritise the top 5 tasks to help you prepare your home for sale quickly and effectively. You’ll also receive:

– Shift by Design’s open home checklist guide
– Shift by Design’s top 10 buyer put-offs checklist

$145.00 inc GST


Ideal for the family home, this 1.5 hour service allows time to review each room in your property and provide suggestions to create a home selling action plan that works. We’ll prioritise the top 10 tasks to be completed, discuss cost effective solutions and help you get on your way to impressing home buyers. You’ll also receive:

– Additional 10 minutes of phone/email support as required after the review
– Shift by Design’s open home checklist guide
– Shift by Design’s top 10 buyer put-offs checklist

$195.00 inc GST


In this two hour service, we provide you more time to thoroughly review your home and provide recommendations to improve the value of your property to buyers. We spend more time reviewing furniture layout options, traffic zones and options to improve colour and lighting in the home. We’ll also look at street appeal and how you can improve the first impression from the curb to take advantage of the drive by inspections. You’ll also receive:

– Additional 20 minutes of phone/email support as required
– Shift by Design’s open home checklist guide
– Shift by Design’s top 10 buyer put-offs checklist
– Shift by Design’s decluttering tips guide; the best way to attack
– Shift by Design’s cleaning tips for preparing your home

$275.00 inc GST

Having lived in a home for any length of time means you quite often don’t see your home the way someone seeing it for the first time does. This is where the real value of engaging Shift by Design to help you prepare your home for sale comes to the fore.

Home styling creates an emotional link between your property and the buyer that can mean the difference between a sale or a buyer walking away. A property that has been home staged will appear fresher, cleaner and better maintained to the buyer immediately improving the property’s value.

Whatever your budget, the amount of money you spend in styling and home staging your property to sell will be a small proportion of the actual selling price of your property. Your returns on investing in home staging are likely to be significant and dramatically improve the way home buyers see your property.

A home styling consultation is designed to review your property from the all important buyer perspective and provide creative solutions to issues identified within your home. They could be as simple as furniture layout or be more complex issues that require a trade professional.

Either way, addressing these issues now gives the prospective buyer less opportunity to haggle on the sale price and presents a property that looks great.

Optional extras in addition to the home styling package include:

  • project management for additional services such as cleaning, gardening, painting and general home maintenance services by qualified and reputable providers.
  • general accessory selection and installation.
  • furniture rental (where appropriate – vacant properties only)
  • accessory rental (artwork, floor rugs, lamps, designer accessories – vacant properties only)

Email Shift by Design home staging now to discuss your project so that we can assist you create greater value in your property.

Have more questions on home styling services by Shift by Design? Why not visit our FAQ page