Solar energy is one of the most promising sources of alternative energy. It has already been shown to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on your electricity bills. In the Australian State of South Australia, it is a requirement for people to have at least one solar panel on their roof if they want to be eligible for renewable energy certificates. There is also a generous incentive scheme available to people with solar power in Adelaide. They wish to take them on as part of their property portfolio.

According to the Australian Energy Market Operator, there are currently about 170,000 houses with solar power systems installed in South Australia, almost twice the state average. The cities of Adelaide and Melbourne are among the top three for people installing solar power systems, with Hobart and Perth ranking close to the top. In addition, the three major university universities – Adelaide University, Flinders University, and the University of SA-have recently joined forces to focus extensively on researching renewable energy technologies, such as solar battery systems, and other ways to make the grid more independent of traditional generators. This initiative called the New System, or Sustainability of Renewable Energy for Our Future (SROSE), has received investment from the Federal Government and several private companies.


One way to make the grid more independent of traditional generation plants is to have more solar households using off-grid solar power in Adelaide. This means that more homes are choosing to “go solar” to supplement the power supplied by the primary grid. Although the primary goal of this effort is to ensure that more people can make their electricity, it also helps to lower the cost of energy for the overall system. As new technologies like wind and solar power go down, the cost of electricity produced from traditional methods also decreases. Although this is not a perfect scenario, it can help the country make progress toward cleaner energy.


Most residents choose a do-it-yourself system size when it comes to home installation of Adelaide solar power systems. These systems usually consist of large panels on the roof of the house or other covered structures. Although smaller systems using panels on the ground may be more feasible for smaller areas, many residents still prefer the large panels on the roof. They can produce more electricity and cover a larger size. Other benefits of sizable solar PV systems include an aesthetic enhancement to the landscape and more safety for the home.


Solar power in Adelaide is proving to be a viable alternative for both businesses and homeowners. Even though it has been more expensive to install solar panels in the past, the cost of electricity in Australia has increased steadily over the past two decades. With growing energy demand, a shift towards renewable energy such as solar power is expected in the coming years. As Australia continues to develop its natural resources, the government will likely offer further incentives to promote the growth of solar energy in the country.