Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is simply the process of whitening the shade of your teeth. Whitening is most often desired when teeth get yellowed over time due to prolonged staining and is also possible by altering the natural or artificial colour of the tooth’s tooth enamel. When you go in for a tooth whitening procedure, it is always suggested that you get professional help as teeth whitening cannot be carried out by an individual alone. Here are the facts that will help you understand the entire teeth whitening process.

It has been scientifically proven that teeth whitening is good for long term health. The tooth enamel gets stronger with every exposure to peroxide or other bleaching agent. In the long run, teeth whitening helps you get healthier teeth as you will not have to worry much about the food you eat since there will be no visible yellow colour on them. You will also find teeth whitening quite beneficial when trying to appear very attractive in social situations.

It is generally recommended to get your teeth whitening done by a trained dentist in Adelaide teeth whitening. There are two main methods in which this can be carried out: with bleaches and staining. Bleaching can either be done with peroxide or a topical preparation whereas staining involves applying a high concentration of bleach to the teeth. Both methods help remove the stains but the only difference between them is the staining they cause on the teeth. Bleaching removes only the superficial staining while staining will continue for a longer period on the surface of the tooth. If

If you are looking for long-term treatment, you may consider getting your teeth bleached for two weeks at a stretch. Two weeks is considered the safest period as any treatment that lasts more than two weeks should be done with the guidance and approval of your dentist. Two weeks off, two weeks off is a safe period for your teeth and gums, so the bleaching agent should be applied continuously over two weeks. You may be required to do the procedure in just one sitting in your dentist’s office, but you can choose to have it done at home if you are not comfortable with that. Just ensure that your gums are completely cleaned before you apply the gel in the manner mentioned by your dentist.

In most cases, dentists in Adelaide teeth whitening employ whitening gels containing carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide in conjunction with their bleaching agent to create a uniform shade across the surface of your teeth. The gels will stain your teeth slightly but will give a noticeable difference after a week. The gels work by producing hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide molecules that bond with stain molecules on the surface of your teeth. These hydrogen peroxide molecules will eat up any discoloration on the surface of your teeth that has been caused by food particles, plaque or even cavities and leave them white. When you get to talk to your dentist, make sure that he explains why you want your teeth whitened. Your dentist may also suggest a specific method to whiten your teeth, so be sure to ask him first.