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One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is for one of your friends or family members to come over and provide you feedback on how your home is presenting when you are thinking about selling.


Well for starters, it is unlikely people will give you a truly honest answer to avoid hurting your feelings or upsetting the friendship. They are also too close to the home and may not see the things a professional property stylist will see for the first time. A property stylist will look at the property with buyer eyes, looking for opportunities to reduce the price of the property through whatever means possible.

Let’s face it, no one likes to be told that their home is lacking in certain areas, but surely if it has to come from someone it is better to come from a professional who can assist remedy the issue rather than a buyer who then walks away from submitting an offer?

These recommendations can cover a lot of different facets of the home from maintenance, furniture layout advice, colouring and styling and of course the most common issue, decluttering.

It is better to identify the issues early and resolve them so when the buyers come through they are wowed by the maintenance, they can see the room layout due to good furniture placement, they can see a colour palette or the opportunity to personalise and they are not being presented and overwhelmed with possessions that make it your house, not their potential home.

These four issues are the most offenders when it come to putting buyers off your home and are pretty straight forward to remedy, as long as you are thinking like a savvy seller. Put away the issues of not being able to see the personal photos for a few weeks, help yourself out by starting to pack some of the ‘extra’ items away (and store offsite) and finish off replacing the worn washers and loose door handles so you enjoy living the last chapter in your current home. All the work you do now will reward you with a far better presented home AND increase your chances of selling faster. I say it all the time, but it’s an investment in selling your home.

So if you are thinking about selling your Hobart home, or have already been on the market a while, you should consider styling your house for sale and create a home buyers are looking for.

Contact Adam from Shift by Design for more information on how we can help on 0408 744 381.

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