The concept of home staging has been around for some time now. The concept started in the US and has over time spread to other corners of the world including Australia (and indeed Tasmania). While the concept is still largely in its infancy in Australia, it is an incredibly vital link in the chain of selling property.

In Australia, many home themed reality TV shows depict transformation of property in a day with a cast of what seems like thousands working on knocking out walls, repainting, gardening and generally rebuilding the property.

Home staging is not like that in reality. You cannot truly expect a client to spend massive sums of money on their property prior to sale? They are preparing to sell the home and move on so there is no value is massive renovations and massive spends that the seller is not going to be able to enjoy.

A professional home stager knows this. Instead of spending money on useless and irrelevant areas of the property, a good home stager manages to utilise largely what is already in the home, just better.

But how does a home seller find out what needs to be done in the property? Well engaging a home staging expert is the first step.

A home stager will identify opportunities within the property to improve or exhibit to the buying public.

Home staging is not about covering up problems within the property, it is about showcasing the positive elements of the property so that buyers are lead to the amazing view, see the fact that there are three large and spacious bedrooms, notice the built ins and realise that their large sofa will fit in the lounge room if they were to buy the property.

Home staging is about creating warmth, emotion, connection and desire. And with desire comes action – buying the property.

If you are selling a home, you should engage a home stager, it’s that simple. A small investment in contracting a home staging expert to come to your property could net you a faster sale or a better sale price. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

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