Interior Stylist Hobart

In our 8 years experience styling property in Hobart, we have seen the concept grow and grow as sellers start to truly appreciate the value Shift by Design Property Stylists can add during the selling process. When we started out all those years ago, it was a service only premium top end properties wanted. Fast [...]

Home Styling Consultation Hobart

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is for one of your friends or family members to come over and provide you feedback on how your home is presenting when you are thinking about selling. Why? Well for starters, it is unlikely people will give you a truly honest answer to avoid hurting [...]


With a new year comes many promises. Resolutions are made to try improve ourselves and the way we do business, we look to new opportunities and we hope that fresh starts can be made. Here at Shift by Design, we’ve made some decisions about how we work and how we can improve our performance too. [...]

Presentation of a property is key in the marketing of any property for sale, and no element is more important to secure that all important first impression than the way your home looks online. Click on the image to read more.

We are all largely visual people. We process information based on what we see and make instant decisions on the basis of these images. Preparing a house ready for sale is no different. The process of staging a home for sale means ensuring all the elements are in place (and that nothing is out of [...]