Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Shift by Design are property stylists specialising in preparing your home, display home or investment property for market. Using proven strategies, our property styling service involves simple and cost effective recommendations to redefine the space and improve the overall look and feel of your property. This ensures it is as presentable as possible and attracts the greatest number of potential buyers in the market.

Shift by Design has also invested in the area of vacant property styling utilising an impressive inventory of furniture and accessory stock gained over the last 7 years. This provides a vital resource for real estate agents, property developers and home owners wishing to value-add their marketing efforts for their property in the Tasmanian real estate market.

What is property styling?

When selling a car you want the best possible price so you invest money in detailing the vehicle to present well to those viewing it. So why wouldn’t you do the same for your biggest financial investment, your home?

Property styling (also known as home staging, property presentation or pre-sale presentation) is about redefining space in a home and ensuring it presents well to the greatest number of potential buyers in the market. This service is the complete opposite to interior design. Property styling involves the art of editing and eliminating possessions in the home whereas interior design involves the process of adding items that have a personal meaning to the client.

The process of property styling is done not with the home owner in mind, but rather with everyone in mind. Property styling uses existing furnishings and accessories (where possible) and arranges them to accentuate the good points of the home and is therefore cost effective and quick to implement. The existing contents of the home are considered and everything unnecessary, overtly personal or extreme is suggested to be packed away for you to enjoy in your next home. Buyers need to see the shell of the house as clearly as possible so that they can imagine themselves and their own possessions fitting into the home. You only get one chance to make a good first impression when selling your home or property, and Shift by Design will help you get it right.

What are the benefits of property styling?

The benefits of property styling includes:

  • an independent and unbiased inspection of the property reviewing all aspects of the functionality, set-up and appearance. The benefit of having no emotional involvement in your home allows a thorough and honest assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses to prepare it for sale and maximise buyer appeal.
  • regardless of the current market situation, it is shown time and time again that a well presented property will sell for the best market price and often in less time than other competing properties on the market.
  • redefinition of a property to engage a greater number of potential buyers. Buyers will always favour a house which requires less work.
  • offers sellers greater selling potential through a better presented property for open days/inspections.
  • increases potential for a quicker and more profitable sale for the seller.
  • reduces the buyer’s power for negotiation on sale price.
  • advice is independent from your agent – services can be engaged prior to determining an agent to represent your property. This allows you to determine an action plan before the agent sees your property, allowing for a greater visual impact when they conduct the market appraisal. Help your agent to help you through a property that presents well.

Who can benefit from property styling?

  • those in the market who are currently selling or planning to sell a home or property.
  • those wanting a makeover in their own home.
  • real estate agents wanting to value add their existing service.
  • landlords wanting to increase the rental value of their property.
  • developers wishing to have their properties stylishly presented for mass market appeal.
What does a property styling report cost?
For more information on the costs involved in having a property presentation/home staging report prepared on your property please click through to our home staging package page.

Who owns and runs Shift by Design?

Shift by Design was created by its business directors, Adam and Donielle Luttrell. Both partners are focused on achieving high levels of property presentation to meet the expectations of highly critical buyers. The business is 100% locally owned and developed by the two Directors and operates independently of any other business entity.

Adam Luttrell – Director

Adam’s passion for all things design has developed over the years through his work in advertising, multimedia, business management and online strategy and creative development. Blending these skills with his passion for property was at the heart of Shift by Design’s conception.

Having experienced and completed a number of renovations, Adam has also gained an ability to see the opportunities for improvement that add value to the appearance and functionality of a property. The last property he renovated and sold made him realise the importance of presentation and the effect this has on the final sale price. “The small things are the things that actually count. The home maintenance tasks you have been putting off for some time must now be completed such as fixing the outdoor light or the loose handle on the door”. It also became apparent at many open homes viewed over time that sellers become immune to seeing the little things that potential home buyers see immediately. It is with this thought, and a desire to see other people benefit from this experience, that Shift by Design was born.

Adam has undertaken studies in the areas of property presentation and home staging, including a course designed by International leading home staging expert, Debra Gould, of Six Elements ( through her training organisation, Staging Diva ( based in Toronto, Canada. This makes Adam Tasmania’s only internationally trained home staging property presentation expert.

Donielle Luttrell – Director

Donielle’s passion for houses and real estate stems from her desire to see the best in any home and her incredible eye for detail. Donielle possesses an insightful vision of what a room or an entire house could look like with the appropriate colour choice, placement of furniture and accessories. “Texture, colour and form are such important features of a room; they evoke emotion, create interest, set the mood and define the space.”

Donielle’s ability to source and combine complementary linens, furniture and accessories has been a vital element in the growth of Shift by Design. Her natural ability to see a property and its features allows for a smooth and productive installation in all projects undertaken.

Shift by Design’s directors also have experience and qualifications in the supporting areas of home improvement such as interior design, accessorising and the use of colour within the home. Having staged over 1000 rooms to date, Shift by Design can provide you the skills and experience to gain the most from your property when selling.



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