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Testimonials from some of our fabulous past styling clients

 Home staging Hobart testimonials

Regardless of the the state of the housing market or the value of your home, engaging property stylists Shift by Design will give you a selling advantage through home staging. A home styling property review for your lived in or furniture hire and rental service for your vacant property can make all the difference to your selling price and time on the market. Call Shift by Design, Hobart’s leading property styling and home staging professionals.

What are some tips for selling my house quickly?

Property styling (or home staging) is a dynamic and growing industry in Australia as more and more home sellers realise the value and potential in their own property. Why settle for a lower asking price on your property when you could invest in a higher sale price through property styling? Preparing your property or furnishing your home for sale will showcase it in the best possible light and attract more home buyers. Our home staging property stylists know what buyers are looking for and we can review your property from a buyer perspective ensuring that the first impression counts upon inspection.

Do I need to spend lots of money when I am selling my house?

NO. The money spent should be considered an INVESTMENT in the sale of your home. It is not necessary to spend a fortune and major renovations should definitely be avoided at this time. Whatever your budget, the amount of money you spend in styling and staging to sell your home or property will be a small proportion of its value. Your returns on that spend are likely to be significant. You’re investing in not having to put up with the stress of waiting for buyers to inspect, or trying to live in a pristine home the entire selling time which could be months. You are also INVESTING in a much better sale price and a better-looking property for homebuyers to inspect. Let Shift by Design help buyers see your property as their dream home.

How can I attract a buyer for my house?

Potential buyers make a decision on whether a property is right for them in the first few seconds of viewing, therefore creating that positive first impression is vitally important. Seeking professional advice from Hobart’s property styling experts on preparing your property for sale can improve the sale timeframe and lessen the chance of price negotiation – in most cases it can actually increase the sale price of your property. Our home stylers know their business and the property market.

Does anyone offer property styling in Hobart?

Property styling experts, Shift by Design, offer a range of services from in-home reviews to assist prepare your home for sale through to vacant property furniture and accessory hire to give your property that display home look to engage your buyers. Our furniture rental inventory covers EVERYTHING you would ever need to set up a stylishly presented home. Shift by Design’s hire furniture is clean, modern and fresh giving your property the upper hand in presentation and marketing.

Based in Hobart, Tasmania, home property stylists Shift by Design are specialists in preparing your home or investment property for sale. Using proven strategies, our property presentation service involves simple and cost effective recommendations to redefine the space and improve the overall look and feel of your property. This ensures it is as presentable as possible and attracts the greatest number of potential buyers in the market. Our property stylists come to you and provide advice that works.

Does it cost a lot to style my house for sale?

NO. In some cases it could simply be a consultation for under $200 to get you on the right track knowing what needs to be done and how to prioritise your list. In other cases it may be advise on how to use your own furniture and perhaps a few rental items to help give your property an edge over others on the market. If your property is vacant it will definitely need some life with furniture and accessories to make it an inviting and an emotional buying experience.

In all cases your budget will be considered and the best option for your property style and the buying market would be discussed with yourself and your real estate agent. We can help style any property from a large house through to one bedroom unit including furniture and accessory set up complete with marketing support including; open home preparation, fresh flowers and real estate photography for a 5 week campaign.

Many of our clients spend less than $2000 with us in order to achieve the stunning magazine look that we are recognised for (see our property styling portfolio here)

But if you are still not convinced, why not read what Shift by Design’s many happy clients have to say about the service and return on investment.


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