Let Shift by Design help out with photography

While we don’t vouch to be professional property photographers (and we are certainly not out to rob photographers of their work – we’re just shooting the furniture installations we work on), we do take shots of all the work we do in our client’s property (particularly furniture installations) so we can use the images in [...]

Shift by Design cushions are now well stored and protected

For any home staging and property presentation business, cushions are the lifeblood that create the theme in spaces like lounge rooms and bedrooms. They can change furniture to suit the wall colours, help neutralise a space and create softness and warmth. Looking after these assets can be quite a job. While they compress a bit [...]

Property sells one week after listing in competitive market

There are just some projects that feel good right from the start. You walk into a home, you see the layout, the rooms and the way it feels and you know it is just going to work. It is a great feeling to be able to see the final project even though you are standing [...]